Last week I saw and heard two profound things. One was during our staff meeting as Rosie Bates shared about the miracle help the Lord gives to her each week, miraculous provision. As she shared I heard the Holy Spirit say “She understands the loaves.” Immediately, I remembered that Mark 6 Jesus astounding the disciples after he walked on water, got into the their boat and the wind stopped. They were greatly amazed and marveled but they did not get it, because Mark 6:52 says “For they had not understood about the loaves, because their heart was hardened.”

The other amazing thing heard was the Lord say “Everyone come up into the Spirit of God and become filled with the Holy Spirit again.” I saw in this saying and the other that the door to the next miracle, the next
season, is across the threshold of the last miracle and season of infilling.

There is a secret that Jesus walked in that we see at the end of this message, one that brings faith and fullness to anyone.

Upcoming Events

Sunday July 19, 2015, 9:00 am: Peety Escovedo will be sharing on “Chasing God’s Heart”. Making the intimacy of God and His desire my priority.

10:20 am: Nations Prayer – A time of interscession and giving of thanks for the nations of the world. Join us as we give 30 minutes to pray fervently for Israel, the nations, our nation and states, and
the pressing issues facing each of us. Filled with Thanksgiving.

Sunday 11 am: Brian Rogers will be sharing “God is Faithful”. Amidst an ever changing virtual society, where many confuse right and wrong, voice strong opinions and hide behind their online alias, our God remains faithful and unchanging.


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