Jesus has Become for Us

Read and meditate Hebrews 9: 23-28

Jesus now appears in the presence of God for us, as high priest of our confession. He stands complete, perfected, glorified, having overcome. He is our healer, deliverer, salvation. When the Father sees Jesus, He see us. When He looks upon us, He sees Jesus. As Jesus is in the Father and the Father in Him, so we are in Jesus and Jesus is in us.

Meditate and praise Jesus, taking time to say out loud attributes that Jesus is, and as you do, thank God that they have become yours in Christ – this is beholding to become.

Find the three appearances listed in verses 24, 26, and 28; How do these appearances compare to Jesus who is, who was, and is to come?

Now meditate 1 Corinthians 1:26-31

Jesus has become for us wisdom from God – and righteousness and sanctification and redemption – What does each of these words mean? How to they compare to the promise God has made that we can no longer be accused, condemned, and separated?

Take time to behold the power of becoming in Sanctification, look up other verses that have sanctification…this will be our next stop.



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