Seeing in scripture has become the most transforming discipline I have ever employed in prayer and meditation. I open in the scriptures to the places of the visions of God, that have been recorded. Ezekiel 1, Isaiah 6, Revelation 1, 5, and 19 are great places to start; and I see with my heart the words that I read. I pause over each descriptive phrase recorded, imagining what I am reading, until the Holy Spirit starts highlighting the truths that I am seeing.

Hearing God’s voice in the scriptures is how faith comes. As I accept the truths that I am hearing, the voice of God illuminates the words I am reading, and the Author starts reading to me. Faith comes.

Seeing what I hear, and hearing what I see, is setting my mind on the things above. Giving my attention to see and hear, in Spirit and truth, opens my heart to believe and my mouth to speak what I am seeing. Seeing and hearing bring me into experiencing Jesus in the Scriptures.

In the last two months, visions are being recorded by so many, of the glorified Christ in His living body. We are dedicating twenty minutes at each Wednesday service to see Jesus in the book of Hebrews. Please take some time and ready Hebrews, Chapters 3 and 4, slowing with your heart. Saturday, we are gathering the men to impart this skill of seeing and hearing in the Spirit and Scripture. Sunday, the testimony of Jesus is multiplying inside the body, with many reporting profound encounters with God. Thanksgiving Lunch after service.

I see the entire body of Christ coming alive inside Christ. I see you inside Christ, alive and full of the Holy Spirit and power.

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