I am in Jerusalem as I write this. Cammy and I are here visiting Gregory and Jan Kuske, who are leaders of Jubilee Humanitarian Agency (our NG0 in Israel), as we meet with leaders of Social Services and the Jewish Agency. We are involved in a pilot program with youth volunteers, who will also be introduced to Israeli society, culture, and history. We are also helping Jews in nations where anti-semitism is forcing them to flee to Israel. The favor of God is on both these projects. With it comes the blessing of Abraham. Thank you for your prayers and support. I am looking forward to this Sunday, to share all the huge discoveries we are encountering here. I will be sharing both services to bring the first fruits of our partnership.

Today, we walked to the Old City and viewed the ancient walls. As I did, my heart was drawn to the scripture in Song of Songs where the Shulamite proclaims her found peace in her Beloved. “I am a wall, and my breasts like towers; then I became in his eyes as one who found peace.” Song of Songs 8:10 Walls are boundaries that form our identity, defense, our boundaries, our enforceable inheritance. In times of war, they repel our enemy, and in times of peace they secure our prosperity.

When the Shulamite declared herself a wall, she was saying, “I have boundaries. I know who I am, my destiny. My inheritance is enforceable.

When she declared her breast were like towers, she was saying to her brothers, “I know my beauty.” These two truths: I have identity that has boundaries and I have beauty that is secure, caused her to become one who found peace.

Peace in HIs eyes, is our knowing our identity and beauty before Him. This is a far cry from the first chapter, when she said, “Do not look upon me because I am dark, because the sun has tanned me. My mother’s sons were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards, but my own vineyard I have not kept.” Song of Songs 1:6From chapter one through chapter eight, the Shulamite was washed in the words of the Beloved. And through the many experiences, she became confidant in HIs words. Thy became her wall and tower, her defense and outlook. She found peace.

Today, I prayed for the peace of Jerusalem, and I prayed for your peace too. Take a moment and allow the Lord to remind you of His words He has spoken. Allow the Holy Spirit to bring to your remembrance the words of promise, identity and beauty that He has drawn around you. Let His peace be found even in the midst of war.


Wednesday June 8, 7 pm: Brian Rogers will share on “The Season of the Goodness of God”. Prayer and faith declarations will be released by many ministers. Come, expecting to receive!

Sunday June 12, 9 am: I will be sharing “The Abundance of Goodness and Prosperity”. What will your abundance of goodness and peace, provided by the Lord, look like? How will His goodness and prosperity find you? We have just returned from Jerusalem, with His reward.

Sunday, 10:20 am: Nations Prayer: Join us for thirty minutes of prayer for the nations of the world beginning with Israel, America, and the nations we have set before the Lord for that month.

Sunday 11 am: I will share “Encountering Jesus”. Jesus has your encounter in Himself waiting for you to find. We will have completed our Antioch trip to Jerusalem, and now it is time for the Jerusalem blessing. I am so looking forward to all the Lord is going to do.

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