“But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel…” (Acts 2:16, King James Version, Italics mine).

I write from Thailand with a grateful heart for all that the Holy Spirit did here in Bangkok. By the time this arrives in your inbox on Tuesday, I will be a few hours away from landing back in America! Pentecost Sunday has passed, but the Holy Spirit continues to rest upon His Church, unlocking our lives, invigorating us as we celebrate Jesus!

 Coming home from Thailand, I am more convinced in my knowing that we have entered the greatest move of God in the history of the world. It may be some time before it is seen by all, where the sound of it reaches seekers and mockers alike, but it has begun. Like Jesus would say, “The hour comes and now is…”

The hunger for a new move of God is evident here as it is at home. The sense that we need power to be witnesses and experience Jesus in His fullness is everywhere. We had extraordinary meetings where there was no need to carry people into an encounter but rather the Lord, by His Spirit, was sweeping people into fresh faith, vibrant worship, celebration, healings, and deliverance. Jesus was making Himself known through the demonstration and power of the Holy Spirit.

One night as I lay in bed, the Lord reminded me of the Old King James Version of Acts 2:16, “But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel…”

This is that!

Holy Spirit demonstrations bring Holy Spirit communications! Suddenly, you know in scripture what is happening in the moment. Language becomes brilliant; and in the hilarity, you have clarity. In the celebration of it all, the joy of the Lord may seem like intoxication to others, but really is freedom from self-awareness, the cares of this world, and all fears. It’s freedom!

God wants everyone in, so He has clarity for the hilarity! That’s what happened in Jerusalem, and once the phenomenon could be declared, then the true business at hand was announced! The same message repeated itself again and again in Acts. I paraphrase of course, but the message is clear: “You crucified Jesus, but God raised Him from the dead and now has made this Jesus both Lord and Christ”! This is happening!!!!!

This Jesus!

Our sins put Him on the cross, but God had planned and prophesied this to happen. Jesus, willing in obedience, took our place; and the Father, in glory, raised Him from the dead. Faith in this work of God now makes men righteous! The Holy Spirit demonstrates this truth, though two thousand years after the event, He NOW declares it through demonstration and power. He does this so our faith is in the power of God and not in the wisdom of men (See 1 Corinthians 2:5, NKJV).  Salvation is not man’s idea, nor is it in his ability to achieve it. It is God’s plan and Jesus’ achievement!

I have much to share and will do so this coming Wednesday night at 7:00pm. We will also be praying for everyone present and online. If you have been to Thailand before, please come and help us by being part of the prayer team.

For now, I bless us all with the fullness of the Holy Spirit and His clarity in announcing Jesus!

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