Happy Election Day! Remember we are elected in Christ to reign on earth. We do this in our worship and our prayer as we ascend in Christ’s victory. His victory finds access in all situations and outcomes. He has overcome! He has justified, glorified, and is our union with God.

Take a moment to worship over the elections rising above all the rhetoric and accusations. Declare His blood sufficient for our Father’s blessing in this election. See Jesus laughing as He holds the future in His hands. And, see the Father once again revealing Christ in hearts everywhere. It’s time for awakening!

Then vote, if you haven’t already. Vote your conscience; vote your faith. Rise above the rhetoric and accusations and vote from His peace and assurance. It has cost many lives to give this privilege of choosing our government over us. Now is not a time to retreat in fear or disgust, but to vote as a king and priest. Who knows what God will do?

Tomorrow, we rise to new laws, new elected officials, even a new president. But we will rise also to our God who has anointed His king, on His holy hill of Zion, to rule forever. He is the ruler over the kings of the earth. We rise to Christ’s reigning. That is something to give thanks for!

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