Four weeks ago, while praying for the upcoming elections, I felt that I heard the Father say, “I am returning self-government to My people and to America.” That was entirely out of the blue, not the concept that I had raised our children on American history and self-government, but the statement of His intentions. A vision of minimal law for maximum freedom through self-government in His Spirit.

The elections have come and gone, but this word continues to grow in me. It is a sound of freedom from self-tyranny and liberty through His Spirit. Here are three simple promises that, when practiced, will unlock freedom that no man can take away. They are all found in Galatians 5.

1.  Walk in the Spirit and you will be free from the flesh

The Holy Spirit is ever present and now abides in and around us. He is someone we can walk in. With worship and prayer and slowing down our pace, we can experience the world of the Holy Spirit, and His provision of freedom and liberty. Learning this is like learning to watch a sunset or appreciating art, architecture, or nature. All you have to do is pause and take in the view. In His word, in worship and in our prayers, there is so much to experience in the Spirit.

2. Be led by the Spirit and you are free from the law

Being “led” is the natural outcome of walking in the Spirit. You behold something that catches your attention. It’s like taking a walk, in the city or in the wilderness, when you see something that strikes you. You would go and investigate, take another look, and soon you would be caught up in the moment, and be carried away in the beauty of which you are being led. It’s like when Moses was at the burning bush and encounter happened. You hear His voice and are given direction. Laws and natural restraint are removed and you begin a new walk free from law—in the perfect law of liberty.

3. Live in the Spirit by walking in the Spirit

Here, your walk has grown over time. It is like that trail that you have hiked for years, the beach where you take you family, or the city block that you walk during lunch. Overtime, you have multiple experiences that lead to many encounters that bring you into an orderly march. A cadence is forming your self-government is being established. Sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth—You are free!
Now you are in your inheritance that no man can take from you. Freedom!

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