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Secret Place - 4/22/14 - He Knows Me

When God looks at us, He looks at each of us from the foundation of the world and “knows me”. We weren’t an accident or a mistake. We all had an appointed time to be born; and through.......... READ MORE →

Saved Your Seat - Chapter 13 - Download for Study Next Week

Promises are seeds. Once sown, they begin to take over everything. Like yeast in bread dough, they grow until the whole loaf rises. Promises, whispers of God’s love and desires for His attention ... READ MORE →

April 16, 2014

Secret Place - 4/15/14 - The Week Between Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday!

The Passion of our Lord as He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, while the multitudes moved by the Holy Spirit praised Him "Hosanna, Hosanna," they cried, "Blessed is He who comes........... READ MORE →