To behold Christ is to behold Him in His glory. Resurrected, glorified, He is the express image of God. What is He praying? What does He look like? What will we look like when we see Him? Engage your imagination to unlock the image maker in your heart to see and to behold and become.

Speakers: Larry Napier & Steve Dittmar

Dates: January 20th – 21st, 2017

Friday: 7:00 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm

Featured Speakers:

Larry Napier

Larry Napier

Larry Napier has taught how the heart sees for over thirty years, helping thousands of people learn to see again. Now he is coming to unlock the imagination and open eyes to see the glorified Christ. Larry’s gift as a teacher, decades of meditation, grasp of Hebrew and imagination of the heart will open revelation and vision inside of the believer.

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Larry Napier graduated from Lipscomb University, Nashville TN in 1964 with a double major in speech and Psychology. Following graduation Larry became the youngest qualifier in history for the exclusive Life Insurance Million Dollar Roundtable at the age of 22. By 23 He began a career as sales-trainer and motivational speaker. His learning diet for the 1st seven years after graduation focused on Think and Grow Rich, Psycho-Cybernetics, The Magic Power of Believing and the increasing stream of “Self-Help-Books” that began to appear in the late sixties. Following a dramatic conversion in 1969 Larry received an insatiable thirst for the “Sacred Scripture.” He threw his “Self-Help” books away and stated over as a student and teacher of the Word-0f-God. Larry has taught throughout North America. He also has conducted seminars in Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and in Israel, his spiritual homeland. In 1984 The-Father woke Larry up at 4:00 AM and instructed him to study the word Heart. He began teaching “Rediscovery of The-HEART” Seminar’s across North America in 1988. Larry has shared the platform with world renowned motivational gurus and teachers including Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, and David Cooper. His unique understanding of the Hebrew-HEART has enabled Larry to contribute as a Branding Mentor and marketing word-smith to businesses and political campaigns with messages that capture the Hearts of consumers. These insights prompted the founding of The Rediscovery of The-HEART Institute in 2012. Larry has personally mentored Best Selling Authors, PhD’s in Psychology, and Medical Doctors. His list of clients includes many bible teachers who have been in ministry from 20 to 40 years. Larry’s one requirement is that those that he mentors be willing to start over. He has authored three eBooks to date; Releasing-The-LION, Learning How To LEARN at the Speed of Light and what The-Singing-Prophet Saw. Larry believes that the Holy-Scriptures are The-Greatest-Scene-Play ever written that can be experienced much more fully when the words of God produce the images in our Heart that they are designed to create. Larry’s emphasis is on the sequences of events that require our focus to be on Jesus as our Glorified-High-Priest-King. He fully embraces the path that Jubilee is on and looks forward to contributing what He has been given to our journey into the fullness of God found exclusively in Jesus, The-Christ who is our Lord. Larry’s greatest claim to fame is his 53 years of marriage to his wife Kim, four children and 12 grandchildren.


Steve Dittmar

Steve Dittmar

Steve Dittmar has experienced heaven and beheld the glorified Christ in scripture. His assignment has been to live and minister from the place of Jesus glorification in heavenly places in order to reveal Jesus in His body. Where you’re coming from is everything; what you’re seeing determines what you’re becoming.