The word of God will make us free because it brings us to Jesus.

Jesus said to those Jews who believed in Him, “If you abide in my word, you are my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:31, 32). That’s how powerful the scriptures are, they are truth carriers that make us free. I do not know of any power on earth that is as powerful as the scriptures when read aloud with a believing heart, daily, as we immerse ourselves (abide inside) the truths read. Faith is accepting what the Bible says as truth even when we are unable to perform what is said.

The word of God carries its own power to perform itself, it carries the ability to bring transformation to any who abide in it, and it is all about Jesus. Even if I am miserable and can’t find a way to be free by what I am reading it will bring me to Jesus who will be the one who frees me. Honest hearts never go unrewarded. Tell the Lord what you read that is beyond what you can believe, or do, or feel, and watch Him come alongside and be your freedom giver.

“Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:36

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Luke 8 – 14

I love Luke’s gospel because it brings to me the humanity of Jesus as He walks with the Father through prayer and fellowship in His word. Jesus is submitting to the scriptures as He walks with the Father. He explains the parable of the Sower, sends out the Twelve then the Seventy. He models His life of prayer so that the disciples ask Him to teach them to pray, in Chapter 11. It’s the only record of the disciples asking Jesus to teach them anything.



2 Corinthians 10 – 13

In these chapters, Paul explains our warfare in the mind, our propensity to walk after sight, the goal of Satan to deceive, and Paul’s desire to present us as a chaste virgin to Christ. Then Paul becomes very honest about his apostleship, even to the point of visions, but ends with his infirmities as the place where the strength of God comes.

Galatians 1 – 4

Galatians is the grace book of epistles. Paul recounts his conversion by grace, his defense of grace to Peter, and his charge to our propensity to begin in the Spirit and afterward try to be perfect through the flesh. Not law or works but hearing of faith. Jesus became a curse for us that the blessing of Abraham would be upon us. God gave the inheritance to Abraham by promise and not the law. Two covenants: from slavery to sonship; two sons: one from a free woman and the other from a slave—and the fruit they produce. Grace grace!!!!!




Joshua 9 – 16

Joshua begins with Israel on a roll, so much so they get self-confident and fail to inquire of the Lord and are tricked by the Gibeonites. The sun stands still at Joshua’s decree, kings are executed, Israel gains courage, and the land is subdued. The list of kings conquered by Moses and then Joshua with the remaining land left to be conquered. Chapter 14 is the fulfillment for Caleb of what he believed 45 years earlier as one of the Twelve spies. Interestingly, both accounts are in Chapters 14 of Numbers and Joshua.



Psalm 104 – 109

These Psalms are so rich. Psalm 105 is the faithfulness of God in all of Israel’s dealings. Psalm 106 is the unfaithfulness of Israel in all God’s dealings. Psalm 107 is the pattern of forgetting, forsaking, crying out in trouble, and then being delivered … five times this is repeated. Psalm 109 is David’s cry for help from his accusers.



Ezekiel 18 – 23

God declares that men will die for their rebellion but live from their obedience. Their children will also be required and held responsible to make their own choice in this as well. God recounts His journey with Israel and His promise to return them to the land. Babylon is the sword of God, Jerusalem’s sins are recounted, and the two harlot sisters are remembered and compared: Israel and Judah.