I am the Resurrection and the Life

Read and meditate: John, chapters 11 and 20 and Philippians, chapter 3

The resurrection is more than an event it is a person-Jesus Christ, as seen in Lazarus’ resurrection, in Jesus resurrection and the apostles pursuit of Christ in resurrection.

How do these three chapters go together? What is unique?

Two are records of events and their impact. The third is a pursuit. Jesus says He is the resurrection.

How did Paul pursue the Lord’s resurrection?

Was He confidant he had obtained it?

What did he loose?

What did he gain?

What did he identify with in order to know Christ?

Finally what was his mindset to continue pursuit?

Take some time and consider your losses and offer them to the Lord.

Make the exchanges that Paul did, allow faith to rise and if doubts persist be honest like Thomas and make your need known. The Lord will come to deal with unbelief and cause faith to come alive again.

Finally, practice forgetting what is behind and reach forward to those things ahead. Press toward the upward call of God.

Now feel the wind of the Spirit carry you…

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