I stand in the presence of God for you. I will not disengage faith over you. I hold your place in the Father, in Me. I am your calling and your inheritance. I am where you have been found. I hold you in perfect agreement, with Myself, before Father. My intercession is to interrupt confusion and lies and disrupt satanic strategies that bind you and keep you locked up, for the rest of your life. I will not relent for I am the High Priest. I have come, and I am present, appearing in the presence for you. I call you. Join Me, observe Me, see Me, hear Me, converse with Me. For I will speak to your heart. I will call you into My identity, My calling, My inheritance. Oh, it is so much better than where you are and so much more than what you’ve tasted. It is so much greater than what you could accomplish if you had a chance to do it over again. I am eternal salvation, eternal redemption, and eternal inheritance. Nothing can be changed and altered when you come into Me. I am eternal salvation, eternal redemption, eternal inheritance and I have removed your sin as far as the east is from the west. I am no longer dealing with you according to your sin but according to My resurrection. I am teaching everyone how to hear under Me, how to follow under My words, and to give place to what I say in the face of what others are saying. I am teaching everyone to agree with Me when everything else is in disagreement with you. To say, I am your truth when you cannot make sense of anything.

Oh beloved come on up. We’ve got so much to do. We’ve got so many places to go and so many things to touch. We have awakenings and revival. We have a multitude of harvests. We have all that is coming because these are the last days and the great awakening is coming. My sons and daughters who are being conformed into My image, we shall run, we shall triumph until the day we all ride on horses and My sword cuts down the armies of hell in the earth. Learn, learn, learn, learn to hear. That’s why you have a High Priest, it’s to learn to hear. And you will never be rejected. You can never be cancelled out. You will never be put aside. You will never be told you are not allowed, or you are not in, because I am the reason you’re here. I am your Savior, your Lord, your Messiah, Your High Priest. I am Christ Jesus the Son of God, the Lord.

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