When fulfillment comes, it comes through a conscience decision to not obsess on our circumstances, which disqualify us from being able to receive the promise God made to us.

Abraham had to choose not to become affected by his latter year’s inability to produce children and Sarah’s barrenness, which she had always carried. He disengaged from these facts and entered fully into the promise of God, being strengthened in his faith by glorifying God. This choice to praise, rather than stagger at the promise through unbelief, brought more than the fulfillment; it brought righteousness. Faith pleases God and is our righteousness.

The choice we have each day is to disengage from our death and enter into our promise through glorifying God. Through this choice of letting go of the disqualifiers and entering fully into the qualifier—God, we enter His promise through praise. We thereby become clothed in assurance in God’s ability to perform what He promised. We literally begin wearing “fully convinced” garments, insulating us while in our circumstances and convincing us in God’s ability. They are our robes of righteousness. Everything is right. God will perform. He is His faithful.

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