This evening begins Yom Kippur, the most holy day in the Jewish calendar. Most holy because it is the day of atonement, when the high priest would enter into the holy of hollies to offer sacrifice for himself and the people to atone for their sins. This has happened every year since Moses erected the tabernacle in the wilderness. Done every year because it could not cleanse sin, only cover for one year.

Jesus came as the perfect willing sacrifice, offering His own body for sin. His blood atoned for all sin for all time, cleansing even our consciences from dead works. Now, we are welcomed into the holiest place in heaven at all times. This is where Jesus, our High Priest, sits next to our Father who is seated on the Throne of Grace.

Hebrews 10:19-25 calls us to enter boldly by the blood of Jesus through His flesh (His death, burial, resurrection, ascension and intercession) having Jesus as our High Priest.

Here are three things we are exhorted to do when we enter in.

1) Let us draw near with a true heart. Draw near. Take advantage of all that Jesus accomplished, His blood cleansing us and His water washing us. Draw near with an honest heart, praising God as you behold His completeness and victory.

2) Let us hold fast our confession of hope. Our greatest offering is our hope, returned to Jesus, our High Priest. The promises He has made and the hope He carries is also His intercession that He holds before the Father. We hold fast our confession of hope before Him because He is faithful. We enter into sustained agreement with Him, His faithfulness and His ability to perform His promises.

3) Let us consider one another. In God’s presence we find complete acceptance love and forgiveness. We bring our confession of hope to Him. He renews and makes it alive in fulfillment. Now we look around and consider someone else. Who might we encourage with a word, or deed, in their inheritance of love and good works. To bless someone with the blessing that we ourselves are receiving in the presence behind the veil, to encourage in their journey, in His love and good works, is the perfect conclusion to our time in the Holy Place.

Take a moment today and tomorrow to worship and behold Jesus our High Priest of our confession. Experience what He has given us and look for someone to encourage in their journey of love and good works. You will make the Father smile.

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