For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, Philippians 3:20

Many nations today offer dual citizenships. Israel and England are two Nations, of which I am aware, that you can be a citizen of the United States as well as their nation.

All of us have been given an extraordinary gift – in Christ, we are now citizens of heaven. We are given access and enjoyment. We have been given a place of dwelling, we are seated with Christ and our life is hidden with Christ in God. When He appears, whenever He appears, we appear with Him in glory.

I have friends who have dual citizenships here on earth. They have a unique privilege in travel. When entering into a country, they can choose which passport they will use. They can travel between both countries as citizens and travel to other countries as a citizens of the country most welcomed. They have two embassies of which they can access  in time of need, and the freedom to choose who they will identity with as a citizen.

We have the same. But ours is not countries on earth, but worlds. We have earthly authority and heavenly authority. We have two embassies our country and the Throne of Grace. As my friends have learned, we have to choose from where to turn for help and who to identify with as our country.

For years, I tried to have earth respond to heaven. But earth, although it’s is under Christ’s rule, can balk at times with Christ’s rule. But on the other hand, when I come to the heavenly realm, standing before my Father, Jesus being my High Priest, I can access all the mercy and grace needed for any situation in which I am. It comes down to knowing where to go to ask and in whose name your asking.

Take a moment and ascend with Christ to heavenly places, and worship Jesus your High Priest, and Father who sits on the throne of grace. Stand there and receive all your requests for help, mercy and grace flowing freely. Allow the word of God to penetrate your being, recalibrating you to truth and His righteousness, peace, and joy. You are home where you belong. The most appreciated words to any weary traveler are “Welcome home.”

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