We are at the precipice of a sovereign move of God. All movement comes from God and is His will and His doing. How do I know? Because He moves us to pray; He moves us to believe; He moves us to declare His promises in hope, in faith, and in love. He gives the increase.

Our Prayer Watches on Wednesday are rising with His voice, His words, His faith, hope and love. If you haven’t joined a Watch, please pray, and ask the Lord where you can serve in a watch. We have six watches every Wednesday, 6 to 8 am, 8 to 10 am and so forth with the last watch 4 to 6 pm To sign up, click here.

I live next to a railroad station and love the sound of trains coming. From a distance you can hear the horn blowing. “Get ready, I am coming. Clear the tracks, gather your belongings, prepare to board,” the horn boldly proclaims.

God has prepared for us, His sovereign move of gathering His children to Himself. Already He is bringing His prodigals to His house, awaking hearts, homes, sons, and daughters, He is calling all of us.

I can hear His voice, “I am coming.”

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