As we sit in the Reagan National Airport inside DC, Cammy and I continue to be amazed at the Lord’s sovereign timing in all of our lives. We chose these dates to visit Christy (our daughter) and family back in May, before all the chaos began to grow in America.

I am convinced that each of us holds keys to the kingdom, which are the truths of Christ revealed to us. When we declare these truths as His decrees spoken to us, they unlock divine authority on earth. When the Lord gave me His decree, “Shout grace to President Trump,” ten days ago, I simply started declaring, “Grace to President Trump.”

As we visited our daughter, and even Mount Vernon, we continued declaring grace. The more we declared grace, the greater it grew in sufficiency and power (2 Corinthians 12:9). We now have a new Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett, and a changing atmosphere in America. Each of us carries the authority of Christ when we declare the words of Christ spoken to us. The Holy Spirit reveals Christ, speaks Christ, and demonstrates Christ to us, in us, and through us. All for the glory of God.

I am excited for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the great awakening for America, out of God’s great grace and mercy. Promises fulfilled in Jesus for the glory of God through us. All we have to do is declare the decree the Lord is saying!

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