Walking with Jesus in His Word is our inheritance, salvation, healing and deliverance. In His word we experience Christ. We join ourselves to the truth of Christ and enter into His all sufficiency and all supremacy. But how do you walk with Christ in His word? Over the years I have found that submission to His word as truth with thanksgiving allows my heart to see and receive.

Here are five practices that I shared with our INHERITANCE Men, last Saturday.

  • Have a reading schedule. Reading the bible in a set schedule allows our soul to submit to truth, our emotions to be shaped by truth and for the whole truth to be known.
  • Read aloud to the Father. Reading to the Lord helps to move from information into relationship. Giving back to God His word gives the Holy Spirit truth to land on and light up for us.
  • Turn to see. When we read to the Lord, the Holy Spirit will reveal truth for us, to see. When we notice something, like a bush (scripture) burning we turn to see what it is.
  • Investigate further. Taking the time to read over the scripture, that has caught our attention, and then possibly the word in the scripture that has caught our attention, then look up its meaning in the original language, are further steps into seeing. Our smart phones and the internet are quick ways to search further.
  • Give thanks. The slightest whisper, smallest nuance of insight that we see and discover is the truth of Jesus. This is how we walk with Him in sincerity and truth. Revelation is a gift, and when we receive a gift, we are to give thanks. Giving thanks is faith in completion and brings healing and wholeness to us.

With my bible reading. I have seen the Lord meet me every day. His words are becoming my words, I am changing from glory to glory into His image.

Here is the schedule of our November Bible Reading. Start today and continue on and watch the change after two months. November Bible reading, click here.

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