Prayers are eternal. If they reach God, many prayers never do, such as the Pharisee who prayed to himself (Luke 18), or if we regard iniquity in our hearts and all other forms of hypocrisy, the Lord will not hear us. But prayers that are prayed in Jesus’ name, with a sincere and honest heart, and not accusing God, but instead asking for His help, are eternal. They do not go away when we have finished praying, or even living on the earth. They are deposited into the bowls in heaven to be poured out with fire at their appointed times.

Mother’s prayers that are filled with sincerity and faith in God, who hears and forgives and heals – don’t go away.

Sunday, we talked about putting a demand on Jesus, shutting the door to the outside problems, and pressing into Jesus and His provision for salvation, healing, and deliverance in all situations—until He answers.

Jesus used a parable of a widow and an unjust judge to show the power of unrelenting prayer (Luke 18). A widow needed help from the judge to avenge her from her adversary. The judge did not fear God, nor regard man, so his answer was, “NO!” But the widow persisted and came every day demanding the same help from the judge. Finally, the judge determined to answer her demands simply because the widow was wearing him out.

I see a simple picture that might encourage our mothers (and all of us) always to pray and not lose heart.

I see the Father telling Jesus that He must send the Holy Spirit to such and such a place and stop a madman from acting against the Father’s will. He shares that, “His mother won’t leave Me alone, but insists that I save her son, who has rebelled against his calling and destiny.” The Father says to the Son, “Take the rod of My strength out of Zion and rule in the midst of Your enemies and cause him to yield in the day of Your power.” Jesus understands and complies sending the Holy Spirit in power to witness His resurrection. The vision of glory sweeps the rebellious son off his feet to the ground, blinding him in the light of the glory of Jesus. “Who are you, Lord?” He asks fearing. “What do you want me to do?” Jesus replies “Stand up on your feet and it will be told you.”

The son looked up but could see nothing. Blinded by the light of His glory, he was led by the hand, no longer rebellious, but fully submitted. Saul, the son of his mother, had been undone by Jesus.

We can be assured if anything happens on the earth from heaven, it’s because somebody prayed, probably our mother.

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