“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:38)


Today, we welcome the “Love Bomb” inside of us. We welcome the glory inside of us. And we allow love to flow through every place we have committed to already, but it will go beyond that—it will be a river.

Love will be a river that you will swim in, play in, dance in. It’s not something we are responsible for but we will just be in the flow of the river. The river of love will flow out of each one of us. We will first be picked up and flow in the river of love and then it will be easy for others to come into that river. This is what Holy Spirit does!

Let’s declare and decree the love of God be poured into each of us and this river flow in and through our hearts by Holy Spirit proportionately to the trials, testings, grace and faith that we have been in. We are ready for a baptism – like a desert, we are ready for the river to flow!

Prophetic Word

Today, I start anew what I started in you. I awaken, I quicken, I activate what I started. You are My son and my daughter—My body. And today, I start anew what I began in you and will finish in you. You will not be deserted. You will not run out of gas on the highway of life. You will complete what I started in you. I do not lose My sons and daughters. No one takes you from My Father’s hand. I begin anew to start in you, to finish in you—right now this day.

Beloved, believe and receive the “Love Bomb” inside of you right now.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, June 24, 7PM: Men and Women’s “Saved Your Seat” Discovery Groups. Come join us as we incorporate truths into our own lives. Men’s Facilitator: Ps Brian – Women’s Facilitator: Ps Becky.

Wednesday, June 25, 6PM: Discovery Group – “Developing a Pursuing Heart” What causes some people to quit the pursuit and others to apprehend what they are pursuing?

Wednesday, 7 PM: Glory Service – Strategy of Recovery and the Goal of the Journey” First, of a two part series on an intercessors guide to union with Christ in the Song of Solomon.

Friday June 27, 6:30PM: Johnny Foote will be at Jubilee for an evening of prophecy and prayer. This event is put on by the Camarillo Healing Rooms.

Saturday June 28, 9AM to 1PM: The Immerging Bride – The heart of the bride being absorbed into the desire of the Lord as He immerses her into truth. A time of letting go and receiving impartation. Come…that’s all, just come.

Sunday, June 29, 9AM: Pastor Brian will share, “Getting Ready for the Marriage Feast”.

Sunday, 10:20AM: Nations Prayer – The whole world is shaking into the hands of Christ – join the voice of God in prayer Thai Sunday over His nations.

Sunday, 11AM: I will be sharing “The Victories and Future We Carry” Where does victory come from? Where is our future? How do we partner with God in this?


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