Using our tongues to speak faith from our hearts, is strength and healing. Five components can unlock the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in every situation. They are: what we say, what we believe, the time we give, the Holy Spirit, and the truth of God’s word. This is especially true within the current pandemic. We believe with our heart unto righteousness (right standing with God), and confess with our mouths unto salvation (salvation, healing, and deliverance). With time given (prayer, quiet time, devotions) in the Holy Spirit (His power, revelation, and comfort), and inside the truth of Jesus (confessing what He says), we unlock abundant, unlimited grace.

We have been given the greatest gift in this moment… TIME! Giving God an hour of intentional time, where we bring our hearts and mouths to engage with the Holy Spirit and truth, will so affect us, that we will thank God forever for this time forced upon us. So let’s get started.

Where are you struggling? Are you afraid you will get the Coronavirus? Maybe you are scared of what’s going to happen to you financially. Perhaps it’s toilet paper. Whatever your place of need, God has made a promise to provide Himself for healing, prosperity, substance, and yes, even toilet paper. Where in the Bible does He speak to your need? If you don’t know, then simply Google: “Where in the bible does God promise to…?” If you know where in the Bible, or have a concordance (book or app), use that. It’s the finding that makes the treasure yours.

Let’s talk about health; something on all of our minds. Romans 8:11 says, “ But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.” Let’s take this truth and declare the decree with our mouths, to allow our hearts to believe.

Time, our words, our hearts, the Holy Spirit, and truth in God’s word, is meditation. Here we go. Say out loud: “Father, I thank you for Jesus dwelling in my heart, and the Holy Spirit dwelling in me. I declare the decree that He (the Holy Spirit) who raised Jesus from the dead, gives life to my mortal body, through the Spirit dwelling in me.” Now take time to receive these words into your heart, allowing the imagination of your heart to see them as truth. The truth will make us free and found in Jesus’ words, and known through abiding in His Word. Now repeat this, and say out loud, in another way, the decree. Wait for the flicker of light, love, and His life, and follow the Holy Spirit as He leads you in the truth of God’s word to see Jesus. The rewards are eternal; all it takes is time.

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