All creation, and new creation, consists of Chaos, Spirit, and Voice…His Triumphant Voice! I have to say, I am so excited about our conference next week. With many visions and dreams being given by the Holy Spirit faith is truly rising in all of Jubilee. We are gathering for three nights, 7 pm, Wednesday-Friday March 16th-18th, to hear His voice arise within, around, and through all of us. We have special guest, Rick Weinicke from Israel, ministering Wednesday night (Rick is a world renowned artist, who has a miraculous story, and is a powerful story teller). Rick will also be installing a bronze lion and glass mosaic in the Family Room during the week. Thursday and Friday nights, will be Holy Spirit activation services with all our ministries.

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When the Holy Spirit comes in power, chaos will become His light, love, and liberty. The voice of God sounds and the Holy Spirit performs all that Jesus has accomplished for us. Light shines out of darkness, love out of fear, and liberty out of captivity… and we are free!

Someone asked me, “How do I know if the Holy Spirit is moving upon my chaos?” “Is your life experiencing disruption?” I replied. Disruption is often the feeling we experience as the Holy Spirit broods upon and relaxes into our chaos. Our lives, placed neatly into predictable and safe places, begin experiencing disruption and confusion. The Holy Spirit is brooding, and our lives are disrupting, Why? Because predictable safe lives are not necessarily vibrant and free lives. Things will shake before they yield to His voice so the Holy Spirit comes filling, relaxing into, our well organized chaos, and disrupts it. We look for the cause and find emotions we had carefully put away – far away – rising inside our souls. Our world may become a bit unpredictable as we find our “place” out of place. This is disruption. It is God, and it is how He helps us relax our death-grip on life.

Here we can yield intentionally to the Holy Spirit. We can invite Him further into our chaos, and acknowledge that Jesus’ work is complete. And that it is more than enough to answer any charges that our emotions are carrying and wanting us to cover and put neatly back into the boxes we have built.

I know that this sounds counter intuitive. But, the outcome of the Holy Spirit is always good. The more we give place to Holy Spirit, the more He takes His place in us, magnifying Jesus and His promises coming alive, even if circumstances unravel. Hope awakens and love fills our hearts. In some ways, even more than when everything was safe and predictable. We are nearing the sounding of His triumphant voice.

Prayer and praise bring us closer to God and God nearer to us. Prophecy and promise, give vision to our future and sight to the unseen. His Presence awakens and life comes to our dead places. Triumph is His voice and our future is Christ. We cannot lose, we have already won. When we hear His voice we know this is true.

Please pray and join us for Triumphant Voice – March 16th – 18th.


Wednesday March 9, 7 pm, Peter Skidanov will be ministering “Expanding our Horizons for Healing and Health”. Continuing in our promise of Jeremiah 33:6, “I will bring them health and healing and I will heal them.” Peter leads our Altar Ministry, and has many years of experience in the Healing Ministry.

Water Baptism on Wednesday night too!

Sunday March 13, 9 am: Brian Rogers will be sharing “Help From Holy Spirit”. As we enter into the new, our soul wants to default to its old ways. Our only hope is Holy Spirit.

Sunday 10:20 am: Nations Prayer: Join us for the first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes for The Prayer of Humility – Prosperity, health, and prosperity of the soul – and the Prayer of Agreement, receiving rain from heaven. The rain has begun. Now, let’s give thanks for more rain to come throughout the months of March and April. We will, of course, also pray for Israel, America and the nations we have chosen for this month.

Sunday 11 am: I will share: “And the Holy Spirit Continued His Increase”. With His increase, the Word of God multiplied, and the Father added to the church. The first 7 books of Acts, paints a picture of Holy Spirit, continuing to increase inside the church, as the word multiplied and disciples were added. This picture is relevant today for us to see and believe what the Lord will do again. He pledged Himself to us to the end, and the end will be even more glorious than the beginning.

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