Adam knew God. He knew Him as Creator, Lord and Spirit. He walked with God everyday. Adam lived in the Garden of Eden, in God’s designed beauty. In the afternoon (or wind of the Spirit), the voice of God would walk into the garden. Voice and Spirit. Together they named the animals. Adam was given the honor, as God observed with joy Adam’s authority blossoming through identifying all the species of creation. But, Adam was alone.

So, God brought from Adam—Eve. Some would say the better part of man. The sensitive, intuitive, and spiritually inclined part of man, and much more beautiful. Eve was deceived. Adam stood by and watched it take place. He then decided he would believe the lie. “He would be like God,” or independent from God.  Adam ate too. The glory departed, darkness came, their nakedness was revealed and self was discovered. Adam and Eve knew they were naked.

God came to walk with Adam in the Spirit within His voice. Adam and Eve heard the voice of God walking in the Spirit and they hid themselves. God called out, “Where are you?”  Adam replied, “I heard Your voice…and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself.” “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat?“, God asked.

Then the excuses started. “It was Eve’s fault, no, Your fault, you gave her to me.” Eve blamed the serpent, “The serpent deceived me into eating.

GOD sorts matters out. He makes decrees, frames new realities, and promises ultimate victory. He clothes Adam and Eve, then sends them out of the garden so they wouldn’t make matters worse.

Today, the garden is no longer on the earth. It was destroyed in the flood. The tree of life is in heaven, in the throne room, and access is guaranteed through Jesus. The Father still speaks inside His Spirit, and we can hear His voice inside of Jesus, not afraid or ashamed because of  our nakedness. We are in Christ. We are called to walk with God. We come in the Spirit with our voice, and He comes in the Spirit with His voice. We meet in Jesus. Question is—Are we still hiding?

This month of January, we our giving ourselves to prayer. Walking with God, conversing in Jesus, in His word. We will access and activate our inheritance in Christ. Intentionally. We are setting Wednesdays for Prayer. 5:30 -6:50 pm in the Sanctuary. We will move intentionally, corporately, into Christ by faith, in worship, thanksgiving and intercession. Wednesdays at 7:00 pm we will start again, with the addition of instruction on the abiding relationship we have been given. It’s building time, Christ the foundation, we His living stones, being built together a holy habitation for God.

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