Hope is eternal. It is living. It is Christ, the hope of glory. So, hope can reboot inside our souls, and the situations we find ourselves in, because Holy Spirit is the carrier of our hope. He knows our destinies in Christ before the foundation of the world. He can work all things together for good. He doesn’t waste anything. We see ashes. He sees beauty. We see sorrow; He sees joy and laughter. We see shame; He sees honor… and a double portion, at that. He is eternally optimistic because He is eternally assured of Jesus’ resurrection. He calls us out of darkness into His glorious light, shining the glory of God in the face of Jesus. And, as we see His glory, we are transformed into His likeness, from glory to glory.  Eternally optimistic.

So how do we reboot our hope? Everything God has given us in Christ is by grace through faith. It is a gift of God, not of our merit. So we need to continually return to the Gift-Giver. In the presence of God we discover that God is giving life to the dead places in our lives, as well as calling things that do not exist as though they did. He is giving life and hope. He also has placed our hope as an anchor for our souls, which is sure and steadfast. And get this, enters the Presence behind the veil.

Here are five things we do when we enter into our hope-reboot:

1) Enter into His presence. It’s a choice, a movement, as we draw near to God. Entering His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. We move toward God, knowing He is and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

2) Bring our confession of hope before Him. No matter how dingy, or beaten down our hope may be, God doesn’t see the impossibility we feel. We bring what we have heard before and offer it as our confession of hope without wavering, even though we know we can’t make it happen.

3) Receive life to the dead. Life swallows up death, but death can make life feel like our enemy. Where were You, Lord? If You had been here my brother would not have died. True experiences and feelings that should be expressed, but, we must let life come. If we refuse to be comforted, we cannot hear our deliverance. Everything begins with His voice.

4) Allow God to reboot your hope. His voice will call those things which “still” do not exist as though they did. He will awaken hope, maturing it for the now season. He makes all the adjustments to our hope, to spring out of hope-eternal and overtake all evil, making it work together for good. Agree with Him, prophesy your future as you hear Him speak to you in His presence!

5) Believe in hope. Every promise reframed, revisited, reignited with expectation, must be believed. This is how we become what we have been made. We believe and it’s imputed to us. We believe what? The promise being made and that He, the promise maker, is able to perform what He has promised. Let faith arise!

We now can enter our day re-calibrated back to the Presence behind the veil. Our hope has been rebooted and we are eating again from the tree of life. Expectancy, childlike wonderment, have taken possession of our hearts again. Our souls now magnify the Lord instead of our circumstances. Hope has been rebooted.

Scripture references: Romans 4:16-18; 8:26-28; Hebrews 6:17-20


Wednesday May 18, 7 pm: I will be sharing “Reframing Your Hope – How to Hope Again”. This will be a practical and intentional service, where we experience the presence of God and His life-giving Spirit. We will be led into reframing – rebooting – our faith in the Presence behind the veil, and how to believe in hope. We will uncover together the faithfulness of God in both speaking and performing. Please bring your notebook, or smart device, to write down what you are hearing. Because, at the end, you will have a clear prophetic promise to worship God with.

Sunday May 22, 9 am: Brian Rogers will be sharing, “Help! Where is my Anchor?” What to do when your hope is battered by the storms, tests, trials and delays of life.

Sunday, 10:20 am: Prayer for the Nations – Our corporate time is to do something about what is happening all around us. In an age of lawlessness, love is growing cold. But hearts drawn to the altar, burn with the fire of His love. Come and burn with us.

Sunday, 11 am: I will be sharing “Our Confession of Hope – Our Cheerful Endurance – Now Let Christ Come!” Adding faith to our hope, is like adding a match to gasoline. Once the match touches the gasoline – the fire knows what to do. It goes everywhere. Letting Christ come to our hope, to fulfill our hope, and to perform His promises, is His delight! He is faithful who promised!

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